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Property Maintenance Checklist

A profitable and well-maintained investment property requires a high level of care and attention: you need low vacancies, high retention, reliable payments, and a stress-free experience regarding repairs, paperwork, and advertising. At Bray Property Management, we are proud of the professional system we have in place and are happy to share information about what to expect from a quality property management service.

Value Provided by Property Management

As every property investor learns, there is a more involved with renting properties than simply taking applications, handing out keys, and watching rent checks come in. In reality, managing a property requires knowing and staying on top of all local, state, and federal housing laws. You need to be prepared to adapt your leases and policies for specific properties and to change with regional market conditions. Bray Property Management provides the expertise and experience required to do manage your investment property for you.

The daily work, of course, looms large; from collecting rent and keeping the books to handling repair requests and emergency problems, Bray Property Management understands that taking care of your properties is a 24/7/365 commitment.

For the property owner, your investment will succeed if your properties are well cared for and if you fill your units with reliable tenants. The services provided by Bray Property Management bring added value to your investment by boosting your occupancy, ensuring timely payments, making smart repairs and improvements, and handling legal requirements and paperwork that might otherwise take up all of your valuable time.

Checklist for Property Maintenance

In addition to the big picture issues like tenant screening, housing law requirements, and marketing and advertising, property management involves a great deal of ongoing property maintenance. Supervision of your investment property must be undertaken frequently in order to retain your tenants, justify market values, and to always be ready to market the property to new tenants.

Here is a checklist of key issues that begins to illuminate the scope of Bray Property Management:

  • Roofing and rain drainage systems
  • Gates, walls, and fences were needed
  • Plumbing repairs and annual maintenance
  • Landscaping for common areas
  • Extermination, both scheduled preventive care and as needed
  • Carbon monoxide alarms and a system for testing and replacement
  • Reliable contractors for repairs, including emergency services
  • Lease language that covers tenant-caused damages
  • System for charging repairs to tenants when needed


For owners and residents, a positive experience with property maintenance means managing expectations and consistently striving to meet or exceed them. Do you expect your investment property to bring in desirable tenants, with low vacancy rates and reliable rent payments?

Owners must understand what tenants expect from their agreement. Then, a successful strategy will require a commitment to providing a pleasant experience for the tenant with a constant eye toward managing costs and maintaining standards. At Bray Property Management, we handle your property on your behalf, and that means managing both people and paperwork with the utmost professionalism.

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